Brandon Friendship Centre Inc.

Healing the Family Within

• activities for the clients that will focus on healing and wellness.

• Bi-weekly coed and monthly women’s sweat lodge teachings will be planned.

• Family counselling will be done on a daily basis to help the survivors deal with the trauma associated with being removed from their families, homes and communities.

• Helping people process trauma individually or in groups by working through and understanding the stages of life.

• Family Sharing circles will be conducted bi-weekly or on an as needed basis depending on the family.

• The main part of the programming will be Indigenous craft activities, Indigenous cooking, Medicine Wheel Teachings, 7 Sacred Teachings and parenting skills to help them process their issues and to help them work towards holistic healing.

• Land based activities such as medicine picking or nature walks will be held to help people to reconnect to the land and to help them work on the physical aspect.